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Fred Miles and Conor O'Sullivan, the engineers behind Float Structures, bring together a wealth of expertise and a shared passion for creative structural engineering. With over 25 years of combined experience in the field, they have embarked on an exciting journey to establish a consultancy that refreshes the way structural engineering integrates with building design.


Fred Miles has earned a reputation for delivering creative engineering designs using a collaborative approach and innovative problem-solving skills.

His commitment to open communication and his ability to unlock the full potential of each project make Fred a trusted partner for clients and collaborators.

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Conor O'Sullivan's ability to engage and communicate effectively with project design teams has paved the way for many successful projects and long-term relationships.

Conor's passion for creative engineering drives him to go beyond conventional boundaries, constantly seeking new ways to push the limits of structural design.

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As the founders of Float Structures, Fred and Conor are dedicated to delivering creative and innovative engineering designs that not only meet the highest quality standards but also contribute to a low-carbon built environment. With their combined expertise of construction projects and a vision that embraces collaboration, they have established a growing reputation for making valued contributions and demonstrating care and commitment to the projects they work on.

Having worked previously at several award-winning consultancies, Conor and Fred have developed a diverse portfolio of outstanding project experience ranging from contemporary private residential refurbishments and basement developments, to highly technical educational facilities and sports stadia. They now draw on this wealth of technical expertise and successful project delivery for all projects undertaken at Float Structures.

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