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Facet House

A traditional two-storey, Victorian terrace transformed into a contemporary family home.

Location: London, UK
Architect: MATA Architects
Client: Private
Status: Completed
Image Credits: French + Tye

Facet House

Completed 2023

Float Structures were appointed to provide consulting structural engineering services for this project in Queen’s Park, for which architectural and structural schemes had been completed by the previous owner of the building. However, a revised design was required to suit the clients’ needs and aspirations.

A side-infill extension and a loft conversion increased the floor area, while the new architectural scheme significantly enhanced the previous proposals by lowering the floor level of the rear addition and the garden to create a more spacious rear living area.

A comparison between the original structural scheme and the final design by Float Structures showed steel quantities had been reduced by approximately 50%, saving cost and lowering embodied carbon, without compromising on architectural quality.
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