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Gloucester Drive

A bold and transformative project which reimagined the internal & external spaces of a traditional London home.

Location: London, UK
Architect: Levitate
Client: Private
Status: Completed
Image Credits: David Butler

Gloucester Drive

Completed 2018

With a traditional Victorian mid-terrace home as its setting, the architectural proposals aimed to create a new central space at the heart of the proporety, tying the garden with the internal spaces, paying careful attention to the existing change in levels across the site. Conor O'Sullivan led the design to provide a double-height space leading into a rear extension which includes expansive vaulted ceilings and large cantilevered openings into the garden.

The proposals required careful detailing of the steelwork framing, including a large cantilevered section embedded into the wall of the house as well as modelling of strategically placed steel frames to allow for a near-frameless rear elevation.

Conor provided all structural engineering input whist at a previous employer.
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